Why us?

10 Things the Media Say About Us

  1. One of the best publicity firms I have ever dealt with
  2. Proactive and responsive
  3. eckfactor is a powerhouse PR entertainment agency
  4. When you call, I know it’s worthwhile
  5. You do what you say you’re going to do, and if you can’t you tell us
  6. We love the service and the personal touch
  7. There’s not a lot of spin – you’re realistic
  8. You know what journalists want and what they need
  9. The eckfactor team are always on top of their game
  10. You’re always fast to respond with an answer

10 Reasons to Work with Us

  1. You want outstanding results
  2. We are great to deal and work with
  3. We look to add value for our clients wherever possible
  4. We have more years of experience than we care to admit
  5. We are committed to world-class client service
  6. Our events and media conferences are memorable
  7. You want a proactive and strategic approach to communicating your brand
  8. We don’t just send out media releases and wait for the phone to ring
  9. The media return our calls
  10. We now work virtually; we can pivot quickly and efficiently