From wheelchair to bike-riding — Visiting professor and author of The Wahls Protocol to share her extraordinary story and insights next month in Australia ​—

March 21, 2018 Sydney, Australia – For the first time Dr. Terry Wahls, American clinical professor of medicine and author of The Wahls Protocol, is bringing her “Transform YOUR Health” event to Melbourne and Sydney next month to help inspire, inform and positively impact people’s lives who are affected by chronic illness, including five per cent or approximately 1.2 million* Australians suffering from autoimmune diseases.
Like many physicians, Dr. Terry Wahls focused on treating her patients’ ailments with drugs or surgical procedures—until she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2000. Within three years, her back and stomach muscles had weakened to the point where she needed a tilt-recline wheelchair.
Dr. Wahls began studying the latest research on autoimmune disease and brain biology, with the goal of getting the critical building blocks her brain needed to perform effectively. She studied the latest science to identify the various vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids critical for brain health and designed to provide those essential nutrients.
Dr. Wahls adopted the nutrient-rich diet and integrating it into her physical therapy and lifestyle program. First, she walked slowly with canes, then without canes. And then in 2008 she biked eighteen miles in a single day. In her book she shares the details of the protocol that allowed her to reverse her wheelchair dependence and get back to an active and full life, biking five miles to work each day. Her TEDx Talk about her personal recovery has been viewed by almost three million people and has inspired people all over the world to change their diet and lifestyles.
As a result of her personal transformation, Dr. Wahls changed the focus of her research to the effects of diet on MS related symptoms. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society in the US has funded her research team to compare the efficacy of the Swank and Wahls Diets for treating MS related fatigue.
Dr. Wahls is coming to Australia for to share her ideas and the latest science to explore how our modern diet and lifestyle could have big impacts on chronic illness, in particular autoimmune disorders, mental health problems, neurodegenerative disorders and obesity.
“If you consider that over the last 100 years we have seen dramatic changes in the way we live, from the food we eat, to the amount of exercise and sunlight we get, to how technology is impacting our brains. All of these changes are impacting the risk of developing disease,” said Dr. Wahls.
“As a doctor my transformation was stunning. I, and others with poor health, are the canaries in the coal mine. I have taught my patients why and how to transform their disease, switching from promoting diet and lifestyle choices to health promoting choices. Person after person have seen their lives transformed.”
The Transform YOUR Health​ event will explore how some of our most common diseases may be lifestyle diseases.
“We are going to have lots of stimulating discussion exploring the evolution of food and lifestyle and its relationship to the development of modern diseases. We will talk about how our choices impact the bacteria in your gut, the energy you have, the mitochondria in your cells, and the neurons in your brain.
“Our health is much more linked to food quality, lifestyle choices and environmental exposures than we realise. I will teach the top five lifestyle choices which influence whether we steadily become sick or healthy. People will learn the why behind food and nutrition rather than just following a diet,” she added.
Dr. Terry Wahls will be joined on stage by Triple M radio host Phil O’Neil, who will emcee the event, and celebrity chef Scott Gooding, who will share his passion for creating delicious healthy food snacks and recipes.
Join Dr. Terry Wahls’ Transform YOUR Health​ event on Saturday April 21 in Melbourne and Saturday May 5 in Sydney.
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Dr Terry Wahls will also be a keynote speaker for healthcare practitioners at the 6 th BioCeuticals Research Symposium in Melbourne from 27-29 April, 2018. For more information, click here.
Media Contact: Karen Eck +61 438 532569
*Australasian Society Of Clinical Immunology and Allergy ( ASCIA)