The Weather Channel

eckfactor was engaged by The Weather Channel to increase its media coverage beyond subscription television during severe weather situations for “breaking weather news”.The Weather Channel already had a solid calendar of regular radio crosses in place and the aim was to get new radio crosses and also to convert one-off  interviews into regular weather spots. eckfactor carried out one-on-one media training to improve the presenters’ and meteorologists’ radio interview skills to make them compelling talent.
eckfactor worked closely with The Weather Channel, monitoring severe weather situations around Australia. When there was a severe weather alert, media releases were issued instantly about the situation to the relevant geographic area, advising that Weather Channel meteorologists and presenters were available for live radio crosses.eckfactor also created a one page “Radio Ready” flyer giving out The Weather Channel’s radio interview hotline number and the names and photos of all of the channel’s meteorologists and presenters.
This was distributed for stations to post on their newsroom and studio walls so they had contact details for The Weather Channel to hand at all times for a live cross.
From cyclone alerts and bushfire emergencies to flash flooding and forecasts, radio stations across the country took advantage of the talented media-ready experts at The Weather Channel to provide reliable content.
With one-off interviews – which were also followed up to generate regular daily, weekly or fortnightly crosses – this radio activity helped place The Weather Channel as a go-to destination for weather news and to raise its profile.