MTV Australia Blogfast

MTV Networks Australia prides itself on doing things differently and with a very popular international brand to protect, we were asked to find a way to get Australian attention for the MTV European Music Awards.
Obstacles included a declining viewership year-on-year and unfortunate timing (anyone feel like waking up at 6am to watch the awards?). eckfactor and perfeckt worked together to ensure that not only did media know about the awards but that social media ‘reporters’ also knew.
Armed with the insight that Twitter can turn television from a passive experience into an active one, eckfactor and perfeckt created the concept of the MTV BLOGFAST. The exclusive breakfast was held at MTV’s Sydney offices and saw a meeting of music and entertainment media combined with some of Australia’s hottest and most influential social media identities. Despite a 6.30am start, the lure of breakfast and a live HD stream of the awards before anyone else in Australia could see them proved successful.
The MTV BLOGFAST generated not only online and radio coverage for the awards but from a social media perspective we put the awards on the map, reaching almost 100,000 Australians and ensuring that MTV, EMA and BLOGFAST were all trending topics in Australia. Viewership for the awards also increased by 150% year-on-year.