Brand Publicity: Entertainment

Turner Broadcasting Australia & New Zealand

For more than three  years, eckfactor was appointed to represent Turner Broadcasting Australia and New Zealand and its suite of channels (Cartoon Network, Boomerang and Turner Classic Movies).

eckfactor was responsible for managing corporate publicity and generating conversation through various programming highlights and talent opportunities. eckfactor also worked with major national events and expos to increase exposure and keep Turner Broadcasting’s channels and key programs front of mind.

MTV Australia & New Zealand

For more than five years, eckfactor managed publicity for MTV Australia and New Zealand for five years: responsible for generating buzz about MTV programming, from the hottest music of the moment to the latest “binge-worthy” reality television, via access to the most popular current talent.

The channels on eckfactor’s watch included MTV, MTV Dance, MTV Music, and in New Zealand, MTV Hits, MTV Classic and Comedy Central.

CNN International

For almost three years, eckfactor handled publicity for CNN International in Australia.

Highlights included generating exposure for CNN’s US election coverage, Christiane Amanpour’s 30th anniversary with the network, and the 2014 visit by CNN Royal Correspondent, Max Foster.

eckfactor worked strategically to secure the most appropriate coverage possible for CNN International, awarded “News Channel of the Year” by the Royal Television Society in 2013 and 2014. It is the number one international TV news channel according to all major media surveys across the Asia-Pacific region as well as Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

In addition, the CNN digital network is consistently one of the top news and current affairs destinations on the web.

Working with programming highlights including the CNN Freedom Project and exclusive interviews – such as Christiane Amanpour’s interview with former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard – eckfactor achieved coverage primarily across print and online outlets. eckfactor also explored all appropriate social media opportunities for CNN in Australia.


Cartoon Network Toon Machine (Turner Broadcasting)

eckfactor launched the Cartoon Network Toon Machine for Turner Broadcasting at Chadstone Shopping Centre in Melbourne.

The Toon Machine, an interactive indoor mega-structure more than six metres high and six metres wide, had hundreds of kids and parents clawing and craning for a raft of prizes. More than 3,000 families entered the draw to have a Toon Machine experience.

TV personality Rove McManus was the first person to be a “human claw” at the unveiling of the Toon Machine, followed by North Melbourne Football Club captain Andrew Swallow.

As well as captivating thousands of visitors, eckfactor turned the amazing Toon Machine into a publicity hit by inviting the media to participate in and cover the event. The results included national TV exposure (The Project, Network Ten), coverage by the Herald Sun, top-rating radio station ABC 774 and The Daily Mail online, plus kids magazines.